We Happy Few: 

"doesn't so much cut close to the bone as drill right down to the bloody marrow" - Games Radar

"a story worthy of its eerie and drug-induced madcap setting" - IGN

" a narrative that is brave, intelligently crafted, and so incredibly poignant" - Digitally Downloaded

We Happy Few:  Roger & James in They Came From Below

"The voice over work is again of a very high standard, making the characters fully dimensional and bringing to life the excellent writing." Xbox Hub

Stories: The Path of Destinies: "the true strength of the game lies in the amazingly witty work of the ever-prevalent narrator." - GameOver

Contrast: "The story is fantastic, bolstered by strong voice performances and a jazzy soundtrack that nails the mood" - Game Trailers

Crafty Screenwriting: Writing Movies That Get Made  "Alex Epstein brings a screenwriting professional's honesty, skill and expertise to a field otherwise crowded with how-to-write quacks." John Badman, director, Saturday Night Fever

Crafty TV Writing:  Thinking Inside the Box  "No need for me to ever write a book on TV writing. Alex Epstein has covered it all." -- Ken Levine, writer/producer, M*A*S*H, Cheers, The Simpsons

The Circle Cast: The Lost Years of Morgan Le Fay

 "In elegant and poetic writing he makes the thoroughly researched settings as real as can be." - East Hampton Star